Non Surgical Skin Tightening (Plasma)

Purebeau Fibroblast is causing such a stir in the beauty world within the UK and Europe. It is a revolutionary permanent eye-lift procedure that requires no surgery. It tightens and lifts the skin around the eye area, non-laser, natural rejuvenation with instant results. Long lasting, instant, permanent results lasting for 2-3 years.

Be one of the first in the UK to have this non-surgical eye lifting and skin tightening procedure, also for lines, wrinkles, upper lip and neck area as well as frown lines. This method shrinks excess skin, bags and wrinkles and dramatically reduces hooded eyelids.

This new revolutionary eye-lift is a huge step forward in anti-wrinkle treatment technology. In one treatment, the skin around your eyes is instantly tightened and you’re left with a permanent bright-eyed and youthful look. It works by shrinking and shortening the skin fibres, lifting the skin. No knives, no surgery.

What you’re left with is beautiful, radiant eyes with no sagging skin
How Does It Work?Its holistic approach works by stimulating the contraction of skin fibres instantly through a so-called ‘plasma flash’. This flash – from a hand-held device with a tiny tip – evaporates superficially on the skin at a tiny point, which shrinks the skin around the eyelid. Further points are placed in a grid across the skin’s surface, pulling the skin tighter.
This non-surgical procedure can be completed in just 30 minutes and visibly lifts the skin around the eye area. Gain an instant rejuvenated and bright-eyed look!

Fibroblast ResultsEyelids feel lighter, with the heavy lid massively reduced. The eyelids are also smoother, without excess folds of skin. The application of make-up is easier and has increased longevity!

The area is anaesthetized before the treatment, and it takes around 30 minutes to complete. You are left with a slight redness around the eyes, with slight swelling occurring within 1-2 days. After 7 days, the marks disappear and slight redness will have gone by 3 weeks.

Fully FDA approvedResults are obtained in 1-3 sittings dependent on the individuals requirements.

Some frequently asked questions …

Is Fibroblast painful? None of our clients consider the treatment to be painful, as an anaesthetic is applied before treatment.
Are there any side effects? Immediately after treatment the area may be red. 1-2 days after the treatment, swelling may occur. After 5-7 days, the sloughing of the wound healing process has disappeared. Slight redness is no longer visible after 3 weeks at the latest.
How long does each treatment session take? A session lasts around 30 minutes with instant results.
Is the treatment permanent? Yes. Once the skin fibres are shortened, the effects are permanent.

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